Being Innovative: The Case Of The City Mayor Of Paynesville

Being Innovative: The Case Of The City Mayor Of Paynesville

By Atty Philip N. Wesseh (PNW)

One of the things learned about Newsroom Management at the American Press Institution (API) in Reston, Virginia few years ago is about “INNOVATION.” As an editor or management, it behooves one to always be innovative to succeed in whatever one engages, especially in the management of the newsroom, which is the lifeblood of the media institution. This means that in managing the newsroom, one must have “Nose for News” and a sense of ingenuity to be able to properly manage the newsroom, which mainly encompasses all reporters and editors who have top innovative ideas and strategies in building a strong newsroom.

Frankly this kind of innovation on the party of the manager or editor provides avenue for “smell’ areas where there are news and also to motivate reporters and other members of the editorial staff to go out there to gather information that are of great news value for public consumption. Such may not be a prevailing situation, but by the sense of innovation, such as creating new ideas in serving the interest and also diversify the contents of the newspaper or media institution to magnetize readers, listeners and viewers.

But let me make it clear that although I learned more about this during a journalistic forum, it is not only circumscribed to the newsroom, but to other areas of management. This could be in business or public service, where one is expected to execute programs and activities to bring about changes in such service, or in the lives of the people. It is synonymous to growth and development of any administration.

One definition of Innovation says, it “generally refers to changing or creating more effective processes, products and ideas, and can increase the likelihood of a business succeeding. Businesses that innovate create more efficient work processes and have better productivity and performance.

Innovation means “the act of effecting a change in the established order; introducing change.” Furthermore, it is also defined as “introducing something new, ideas and method.”

Today, I try to reflect on innovation because of the changes that are taking place in the City of Paynesville, outside of Monrovia. Anyone who visited the city few years ago and today also pay a visit would stand dumbfounded or in a state of disbelief because of the transformation of the city or lots of changes or developments being carried out by the Mayor of that city.

The city which has been a place of people of influence and affluence, has been lagging behind over the years, but the Acting Mayor of the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) Cyvette Gibson, is indeed, making frantic efforts to transform its look into a decent one. The latest is the park at the Duport Road Junction. The project was done with support from NASSCORP. The Duport Road community has an estimated population of 114,321 residents.

According to information, the genesis of the Duport Road Junction Project was conceived during the dedication of the ELWA Junction beautification project in June 2013 when President Sirleaf highlighted the need to replicate the project at the Duport Road Junction. On March 12, 2015 the PCC held the groundbreaking ceremony and planted the illustration as public awareness for that beautification project.

Although I have not met, interacted with this lady, who I do not know in person, I am deeply impressed with the transformation of the city. Every other day there is “NEW IDEA to transform the look of the city. Just after beautifying the ELWA Junction with a fountain which some Liberian children have not seen and just few weeks ago, she dedicated a new project or park at the Duport Road Junction.

Indisputably, because of the transformation taking place in the city, I was not surprised recently when President Sirleaf, while dedicating the project at the Duport Road Junction, Tuesday, June 30, 2015, commended Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) Acting Mayor, Madame Gibson for the ongoing transformation of the city under her watchful eyes. “We want to thank you for all you’ve done to show the strength of purpose, commitment in objective and the results that have come from all of those efforts. Progress always brings the desire for more progress,” the Liberian leader stated.

Speaking earlier, the Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP), Mrs. MiattaBeysolow said her Corporation was grateful to have been given the opportunity to have partnered with the PCC in creating another beautiful green spot in Paynesville. She noted that the erection of the park was made possible through NASSCORP’s corporate social responsibility contribution and is delighted that they are able to help in maintaining the green environment in Paynesville area. “This is just a place that will bring joy and pleasure to the hearts of those who live and work here but also for those who traverse here,” Ms. Beysolow told the audience.

For his part, Montserrado County District No. 5 Representative, Thomas Fallah expressed thanks and appreciation to the Acting Mayor of the PCC and said that she has proven herself and made them proud. “Madam President, your selection of Cyvette Gibson was no mistake.” On behalf of the Montserrado County Legislative Caucus, Representative Fallah promised to continue the cordial working relationship with the Acting Mayor in the midst of challenges.

As I said earlier, I do not know this city mayor and have not interacted with her. I decided on this to motivate others to emulate this good example of innovation so as to bring improvement to their areas. As I write this piece, there is a new project of projecting the children playground and also embellish a well-landscape in Paynesville from intruders, and also to protect those facilities.

As President Sirleaf noted, “Progress always brings the desire for more progress.” This is the kind of spirit that is being demonstrated by this female administrator with vision and innovation. I observe that every time she undertakes a project, she remains restless, until another project is conceived and implemented.

Once more, let me commend this great lady for transforming the city of Paynesville from its unpleasant look to a normal one. The projects undertaken or being undertaken have brought a beautiful look to that city. Many times some managers have to wait to be told to act, but in the case of this particular acting mayor, as she undertakes one project and it is completed, she moves on to another project. See what she has been able to do in few years. Should one compare that to others who have occupied such similar position for years? Isn’t this complimentary?

Indeed, the transformation that is taking place in Paynesville City, which was once referred to as “Paynesward” in honor at the time of a lawmaker, D. C. Howard, has taken a complete look to an extent that those who once visited the area, and would go there now would never believe that it was the same area or terrain in which they once resided. And so as County District No. 5 Representative Thomas Fallah said that this lady has proven herself and made them proud and that the appointment of the acting city mayor by P:resident Sirleaf was no mistake , as she continues to live to expectation.

I am going with this piece today in keeping with my studies in Development Communication under Prof. Steve Twe during which we learned that it is necessary to recognize the contributions of people to the society, whether in the public or private sector. This, it is believed would help to motivate others to emulate the good examples of achievers to contribute to the welfare, wellbeing of members of the society and to also undertake those projects and programs to move the society from backwaters to prosperity.

Development Communication ascribes to the idea that reports that centers on people’s living condition, accomplishments, problems and self-help initiatives, help to bring about improvement and also encourages others to make efforts for a better life.

The word, “motivation” came from a Latin word, which means “to move.” By reporting on these problems and accomplishments, it is believed that others would be “moved” to engage in activities to work for improvement. By this, the society would be transformed, as Madam Gibson is doing in Paynesville, and that people’s lives would improve.

As I end this complimentary piece or encomium, let others emulate the good examples of the Paynesville Acting City Mayor by being innovative so as to transform their respective areas. Hats off to you Madam Gibson for transforming Paynesville from an ancient-looking one to a modern city! I REST MY CASE.