Beever Was “Never” Stopped From Selling Generators…Management Clarifies

The management of Beever Company Incorporated says it was never stopped from selling generators in the country as reported in the media.

The New Democrat in its Volume 22, Number 132 published on Friday, July 10, 2015, carried as its back page headline “Beever Stopped from Selling Generators”, a publication growing out of the patent right’s case between the Managements of the H&A Corporation and the Beever Company Incorporated relative to the sale and distribution of FG Wilson Generators in Liberia.

According to Mr. Khalil Azar, General Manager of Beever Company Incorporated, his company does sell and distribute other brands of generators and that it is unprofessional and misleading for the paper to insinuate that the company was stopped from selling generators.

The Beever Boss said currently his company sells Generators such as Perkins, Yorpower UK Generators, Perkins Jek UK Generators, Lister Petter UK Generators and Powerline Generators and as such it’s unprofessional for a newspaper to report that Beever has been stopped from selling generators, knowing that it is, and will remain the company’s main line of business.

He said the trade mark FG Wilson violation accusation by H&A is currently under administrative investigation at the Liberia Industrial Property Office (IPO) which temporarily stopped both parties, not just Beever, from selling said product pending the disposition of the case.

However Mr. Azar said it is unfortunate that the New Democrat could take a stay Order for the sale and distribution of only FG Wilson Generators to mean that Beever was stopped from selling generators.

Mr. Azar said it is advisable that the paper thoroughly check out its information rather than making a reporting by taking a stay order placed on the sale and distribution of one product to mean that Beever was stopped from selling generators in the country.

It is well known that Beever Company Incorporated has been operating in Monrovia ever since its establishment in 1963, and it was and still is one of the leading companies in selling generators within the Liberian market.