Fear Grips GAC Workforce

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

Some employees at the General Auditing Commission (GAC) are becoming increasingly uncomfortable as Management is said to be contemplating on administering a specific test to all employees.   Information gathered disclosed that the test is intended to evaluate employees on their qualification and if possible drop some of them especially those who may not pass the test. Though the content of the test has not been disclosed, it was also divulged that management has made it categorically clear that the GAC is overstaffed therefore there’s a need to reduce the staff at the institution.

Because of the news which emerged recently, many employees are expressing fear as some of them may be targeted for possible dismissal. “Some of us came from Kenya, China, America and other countries for training; many of us here are qualified so, why are they administering test to us again,” a female employee of the GAC wondered.

The GAC staff said the pending move by management is purely intended to get at certain individuals in the institution. “Some of us who are trained enough will definitely resist this ugly attitude and challenge them,” another employee who preferred anonymous told The INQUIRER.

The news over the administering of test at the GAC is causing serious uneasiness amongst the employees for fear of being targeted by their bosses. Some of the employees who our team of reporters met at the front of the GAC yesterday appeared worried but could not tell the actual story of their dilemma.

Despite the fear over the pending test at the GAC, some senior Managers have negated the information on the administration of test to employees terming same as false and misleading.

Other sources at the institution told The INQUIRER yesterday that they are not aware of any test to be administered by Management; while others confided in our reporters that Management is indeed administering the test to evaluate its staff.

Some of our sources said management is doing this to witch-hunt some employees and bring in their relatives and friends to occupy their positions; this has not been independently confirmed.

“In fact, the administration of the test will begin today, Monday,” said another source at the GAC.

GAC is one of government’s institutions that has trained several staff under the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf administration. Most of them were trained abroad including China, Kenya, the United States and other countries to build their capacity in better understanding the mandate of the GAC and other functions of the institution in executing their respective duties.

Whether those trained abroad to serve that institution are not qualified to handle the day-to-day activities of the GAC is anyone’s guess, but information reaching this paper says management remains resolute in its decision to administer the test to evaluate its staff and employees so as to reduce the number of employees at the institution.

When contacted, the head of the Communication Department at the GAC only identified as Jackie could not confirm nor deny the information but said, “No comment on the matter.”