DEA Nabs 4 Heroin Dealers In Pleebo

By Lewis Verdier

The Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) has arrested four notorious drug dealers with several tubes of heroin at the estimated street value of LD$89,100.

Emmanuel Ohayie, 31 and one Harman who refused to disclose his last name were both arrested with one tube of hardcore heroin each in a separate location in Pleebo.

The others were Alberta Butty who was arrested with three tubes of heroin and MateeHaba with one tube and two pads of heroin.

Meanwhile, they have been forwarded to the Pleebo Magisterial Court where they were charged with unlicensed possession of controlled drugs or substances which fall under chapter 14 of the control substance act.

The DEA Officer in Charge, Grasco Benjamin, has warned residents against harboring drug dealers because they are putting themselves at risk.

He said this could link them to drug trade. Pleebo is one of the largest and densely populated towns in the southeast which is believed to be a drug hub, a transit for drug dealers.

The DEA says it will not relent to arrest those involved in drug trafficking.