SEWODA Intensifies Activities In The Southeast

One of the reliable Liberian non-governmental organizations, the Southeastern Women Development Association (SEWODA) has intensified its activities in three of the Southeastern counties for women.

Since its establishment in 1995, SEWODA has been involved in the training of women in Since, Grand Kru, Maryland and River Gee in order to develop the minds of the women in skills and other activities that will help improve their lives.

Presently the organization is running two projects including the Human Right Education Program which started in January to February of 2015 and it is to ensure women participation in issues that protect their rights, empowerment and women rights in the communities in Grand Kru, River Gee and Maryland under SAWODA operation.

In its operation in River Gee, Maryland and Grand Kru Counties, SEWODA is working with people they refer to core group so that human rights and the rights of women are protected in those counties.

This was disclosed over the weekend by Mr. Edward E. Clark, Project Officer of the Southeastern Women Development Association during his visit to Monrovia.

In an exclusive interview at the Monrovia headquarters of the organization at the corner of Warren and Benson Streets, Mr. Clarke said the second project was refresher training in April 2015 and it brought together ten (10) men representing 10 communities from River Gee, Maryland and Grand Kru and that refresher training was to sharpen their skills.

At the same time, the SEWODA Project officer said they have been working with a Swedish International NGO KVINNA TILL KVINNA (KTK) for the past five (5) years in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden in Liberia.

Under the KVINNA TILL KVINNA (KTK) project, people are trained during the start of the project year by SEWODA in order to refresh their skills and equip them to be effective in their individual areas.

Another project that SEWODA is undertaking presently in the Southeast is the Legislative engagement to see how best women participation can be addressed in social issues in SEWODA targeted communities in the three (3) counties.

As part of that, Mr. Clark disclosed that SEWODA has organized a citizen observatory body that will monitor social issues that are selected by the various counties in which SEWODA operates to be addressed.

The Legislative projects according to the SEWOSA official is sponsored by the Swedish Government through the National democratic Institute (NDI) and that workshop was held for those participants in May this year for two days each in River Gee, Grand Kru and Maryland counties.

On the overall, Mr. Clark said people who are being trained under the various projects have expressed their enthusiasm for the training they underwent through SEWODA in the three counties.

He said they were pleased with the Human Rights issues that were discussed mandating that there should be no ‘sasawood’, violence against women, security misconduct, among others.

Meanwhile, the SEWODA Project officer has disclosed that since their project started within the three countries in the southeast, all wrongful acts that have been perpetrated against women including rape have been greatly reduced.