Boy, 6, With Spinal Problem Needs Help

By Antoinette Sendolo

The family of a nine-year old boy who broke his spinal-cord is calling on the government and other humanitarian organizations and individuals to help the child receive advance treatment out of the country.   Speaking to this paper, CheCheShakey, the Aunty of little AmosonTamba who was in tears said he has been in the condition for over five months now since he fell from a plum tree, adding that since the incident, they have visited several hospitals in the country but Amoson’s condition remains the same.

“Since the incident happened, we have been to several hospitals and we even went to a ‘bone doctor’ because we felt it was an ordinary bone problem but his condition continues to increase. We visited JFK and we were told that Amoson’s spinal cord is broken and that the hospital cannot deal with his case so we recently visited MSF medical center but we were told that we have to take him out of the country for advance treatment,”Amoson’s Aunty explained.

According to CheChe, little Amoson lost his father four months before the incident happened and she is the only person providing care for him but now his current condition is beyond what she can handle.

“I have tried all I could do but now it seems like Amoson’s condition is far from what I can deal with because every day of his life, he experiences some health problems which make life uncomfortable for him as a kid. Since my brother died, I am the one providing care for this child and I don’t have what it takes to give him a better medical attention.” she added.

CheChe explained that when the incident happened, Amoson did not inform his mother until after four days at which time he started feeling pains in his back and could barely walk upright.

“According to what I heard, Amoson and his friends climbed in a plum tree in St Paul Bridge where his mother lives and the owner of the tree decided to chase them so they all rushed down and that was how he fell on his back. But when that happened, he did not inform his mother until after four days when he started experiencing pains in his back,” Amoson’s aunty further explained.

According to medical report, Amoson who does everything on himself needs to be taken out of Liberia for operation.

CheChe is calling on the government and other humanitarian institutions and other individuals to help send Amoson out of the country for advanced treatment.

Anyone interested in helping little AmosonTamba can contact his aunty CheCheShakey on this number: 0776312057 or the Inquirer Managing Editor on these numbers: 0886516533/0777516533.