NOCAL Hits Back At Harry Greaves

The National Company of Liberia (NOCAL) has described as malicious and self-seeking Mr. Harry Greaves’ deliberate campaign of lies and misrepresentations directed against the oil company.

NOCAL observes that Greaves’ campaign of calumny and unsubstantiated criticisms of NOCAL and the Presidency is deriving from the defeat he suffered at the hands of NOCAL late last year, when the Supreme Court threw out his complaint against the oil company over the bidding process involving four oil blocks.

It can be recalled that the former LPRC Managing Director had filed a writ of prohibition against NOCAL to prevent the lease of the four offshore oil blocks and questioning the handling of the bid round for the leasing of the oil blocks.

However and unfortunately for Mr. Greaves, His Honor Philip A.Z. Bank, Associate Justice presiding in chambers, rightly dismissed the claim, stating that Greave’s petition did not show a sufficient basis to warrant the issuance of the alternative writ.

In the wake of this judicial setback, Mr. Greaves vowed and threatened that he would continue the fight against NOCAL—hence his ongoing media campaign against NOCAL, representing a classic case of sour grapes.

The oil company would like Harry Greaves to first remove the dirt in his eyes before attempting to remove someone else’s, as the Liberian media and the general public know very well Greaves’ not-so-impressive work at the LPRC where the running of the entity under his leadership left so much to be desired in terms of transparency.

Meanwhile, NOCAL wishes to refute exaggerated and false claims being made by Mr. Greaves about the salary of the President/CEO who is nowhere making the amount of salary that Mr. Greaves claims he is making. Greaves’ assertions in this regard are therefore unsubstantiated, malicious, unverifiable and completely inaccurate.