MICAT Welcomes PUL’s Report On Newspaper

The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism has welcomed the Report of the Press Union of Liberia condemning the Nation Times Newspaper for falsely maligning the impeccable character of His Excellency, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai in its April 8, 2015 edition captioned: “VP Boakai in Corruption Act – Over $68 Million Disappears in thin Air”.

The Report under the signature of the President of the PUL, Mr. K. Abdullai Kamara blames the Publisher of the Nation Times Newspaper for violating Article 11 of the PUL Code of Conduct and Ethics and calls on the Publisher of the Nation Times to do among other things: (a ) retracts the headline and publish an apology; (b) that the apology be published on its front page within a week; and (c) a fine of two thousand five hundred (LD$2,500.00) be paid into the PUL’s coffers.

According to a MICAT Release, the decision of the PUL to self-correct by exposing the unethical conduct of the Nation Times Newspaper will go a long way in restoring public trust in the PUL.

The MICAT then asserts that the onus is on the PUL to always self-correct; and calls on the Executive Committee of the PUL to hand down ruling into a MICAT’s complaint filed April 30, 3015 against the Publisher of the In Profile Daily bordering on the Publisher’s arrogant disregard for journalistic ethics when the Paper announced in its Wednesday, April 29, 2015 edition that it was going to charge US$75.00 per press release coming from the Liberian Government.

MICAT says that a speedy hearing into the In Profile Daily versus Liberian Government case will also rejuvenate public confidence into the PUL and lay to rest the recent concerns raised in the US State Department’s Report against the Liberian Media.