Demolition Exercise Affects FIB In Ganta

By Solomon T. Gaye

As road construction hits the commercial city of Ganta, several homes and business centers have been demolished including the First International Bank (FIB).

The Chinese roads engineers recently arrived in Ganta to incept the road project leading from the border between Liberia and neighboring Ivory Coast something which had led to the demolition of several homes and businesses.

During the demolition exercise, the Chico Roads Construction Company was seen clearing the main roads leading to the Ganta border while all their Yellow machines were all parked near the Monrovia Parking in Ganta.

Recently, the Government of Liberia paid some citizens who had their properties along the streets to relocate without delay in order to make the road project effective.

Currently, there are several business centers in Ganta that have been marked by the Ministry of Public     Works to be demolished in the next few weeks or months.

Some of the properties marked to be demolished by the government include Eco Bank and the U. B. A. Bank among other properties in Ganta City.