Consultations Continue On School Reform

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr.

The Information Minister, Lewis Brown, has been asked by President Sirleaf to announce the continuation of this controversial academic school year until consultations are done.

In recent time the Government of Liberia (GOL) came up with its final announcement on the current educational crisis which led to several protests by students and parents calling on GOL to see reason and let this school year that was decided upon by GOL to come to an end at the specified time that was mentioned.

As it was announced by the government through its Information Minister, Lewis Brown said that schools will close and students would be promoted based on their IQ performances.

The President was to appear at the Capitol Building in an Executive meeting with the leadership yesterday but did not because there were guests from the Netherlands.

President Sirleaf was recently invited to the Capitol Building in lieu of a communication sent to the House instructing the Minister of Education to ignore what appears to be an instruction conveyed to him under cover of letter dated June 23, 2015 by the Clerk of the House of Representatives.

According to the Chairperson on Executive, Grand Kru County Representative George W. Blamoh told journalists that President Sirleaf had consulted the House that upon her return from the state she would meet with the leadership and she has mandated Minister Brown to announce that schools remain open until she consults the legislature.

Rep. Blamoh said as leaders they will not create chaos in the country because the announcement that schools remain open until she (President Sirleaf) meet with the leadership is a plus for the legislature.

He added that as the President has called on the national legislature for consultation, there are consultations still going on and schools remain open until the consultation with the legislature is over.

Rep. Blamoh stated that if the President would have taken the legislature for granted, she would not have sent several communications to the legislature and thinks the President means business. He said as President Sirleaf has instructed Minister Brown to announce that schools remain open, be it plus or subtraction for them (lawmakers) it’s just what the legislature wants and with the pronouncement, it shows that the President will appear before the leadership.