Burglary On The Rise…Experts Blame Rainy Season

By Garmonyou Wilson

Research on police arrest charge sheets and court records indicate that burglary is on the rise throughout the country, with Monrovia receiving the highest occurrences.

Burglary which is the act of breaking into a building especially at night to steal is different from armed robbery because armed robbery deals with a perpetrator having a weapon to take from the victim, unlike burglary which deals with stealing from within someone else’s home.

There are countless police records with cases of burglary throughout the country and court records also show the many suspects who have been forwarded to court for prosecution.

Sources told this paper that there are three reasons for the increase in burglary and according to the source the rainy season is a major factor because criminals are using the current season to take advantage and break into homes. “Drug usage is another factor that is increasing burglary, mostly minor crimes that do not include violence. Lack of jobs is another reason for crimes, especially burglary,” the research stated.

“The way to safe guard your home from burglary is to ensure that your doors and windows are locked properly before you occupants of a home go to sleep at night. Even during the day time home owners should make sure that their doors and windows are properly secured, ”the research concluded.