B4 Youths Dramatize Ebola

The Burning Barriers Building Bridges (B4) Youth Theater Inc. will host a drama program on Ebola Awareness in Gbarnga, Bong County on August 7, 2015 entitled ‘Fight the Stigma’.

According to the National Director of B4 Youth Theater Inc. Silas Juaquellie the drama would be focused on post Ebola awareness and the ending of stigmatization of survivors.

Mr. Juaquellie stated further that the one day event will have the youths using masks to portray expressions made by people who are stigmatized and those who are stigmatizing.

The National Director continued that the event would climax with reinforcing the Ministry of Health’s preventative measures put in place when the disease first appeared in Liberia March of 2014.

B4 Theater Inc. is a vocational program that trains young people arts, music and dance. Annually the group does performances on a range of social issues that when performed by the talented youths give a different meaning to issues that affect the society.

Unfortunately after several weeks of being declared Ebola-free, Liberia has now returned to the West African Ebloa countries. The work of B4 Theater Inc. is timely as many citizens who had relaxed on the dangers of the disease will be strengthened as the youths of the organization take the stage August 7, 2015.