Finance Takes Issue With GAC…On Consolidated & Procurement Audit

Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, (MFDP) has responded to issues raised by the General Auditing Commission (GAC) on the Special Procurement Audit Report of the Ministry of Public Works and the Audit Report of the Consolidated Financial Statement of the Government of Liberia – FY 20012/13. The audit was done at the request of the MFDP.

MFDP, in aq press statement said it views these audit processes as critical to our collective determination to improve the public financial management system of the government, a necessary precondition to deterring corruption and the abuse of state resources-all of which translates into increased resources for development spending.

Therefore, the ministry said it remains committed to implementing the recommendations of the audit exercise and has, as a matter of policy, began instituting some of the recommendations as contained in the Auditor General’s report. We believe that as a country that is rebuilding its public financial management system, these kinds of audits should seek to advance recommendations that will improve the system.

However, the ministry said as it entertains the GAC report, our attention has been drawn to a number of conclusions derived from the report and reported by the media to the effect that public resources have either been unaccounted for or abused.

“These very disturbing insinuations could and should have been prevented had the Commission acted reasonably in incorporating some of the pertinent clarifications provided by the MFDP. But instead the GAC chose the path of sensationalization rather than an objective and professional report intended to assist an improving system which has now become the modus operandi of the GAC, “ it pointed out.

“Furthermore, for these audits to be seen as credible and the basis for institutional improvements, handling of the audit process has to be treated with the outmost degree of professionalism, mutual respect and good faith for system improvement.”