Ellen Risks Contempt…For Telling Werner To Ignore House’s Instructions

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr.

Plenary of the House of Representatives has invited President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to show reasons why she should not be held in contempt.

The President has been invited due to a communication sent to the House instructing the Minister of Education to ignore what appears to be an instruction conveyed to him under cover of letter dated June 23, 2015 by the Clerk of the House of Representatives.

The decision of the House to invite President Sirleaf to appear tomorrow was taken based on unanimous votes by members of that august body. During the voting process there were 45 lawmakers in favor and one against.

In recent time the House summoned the Minister of Education, George Werner on the situation that was widely rumored that the minister proposed the closing of schools on June 30, 2015 and also opted for the cancellation of WAEC.

When the communication was sent by the Clerk of the House of Representatives informing the Minister about the House’s decision to withdraw communication sent to WAEC headquarters, the President sent a communication to the House instructing the Education Minister to ignore the House’s decision.

Speaking on the President’s communication, Maryland County lawmaker, Bhofal Chambers said, “We as a people will give a President power who was duly elected by the people to act dictatorially, that once and out of dictatorship, contradicting the President’s statement in her communication that she is here to protect the country’s constitution.”

“We have our children and they are the massive; we want them to go to school without disturbances; the President does not know better than the people of Liberia and if the people tell her not to go out of the country for a year that’s the people’s decision,” Rep. Chambers intimated.

He said the President is in the habit of offering an act of disrespect to the National Legislature and it is about time that it comes to an end and that the President must know that the lawmakers are the people’s representatives.

At the climax of the discussion, a motion was made by Lofa County District #1 Representative, Eugene F. Kparkar, “Said the President must be invited tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. to show reasons why she has offered so much insolents and gross disrespect to that August body”.