Acid Victim Still Appealing For Help

A 25-year old woman, Miss Lukiyatu Lamie, who sustained major wounds on her body after she was attacked by her former husband, is appealing for assistance. According to the victim, her former husband, Mr. Armah Gobbah Varney of Gormark Town, Bomi County committed the act on March 8, 2015.

The victim explained that she divorced her husband because he had been involved in criminal activities which prompted her to propose divorce. But she said he has been resisting to terminate the relationship. She remained consistent until said relationship was terminated after which she said he left Beh Town and resettled in his home town, Gomark Town.

Miss Lamie further elaborated that her ex-husband never had misunderstanding with her after the annulment of the relationship. While reclining with her children after the Muslims’ 8:00 p.m, prayer, Armah crept secretly in the night to her house, jumped on her and wasted the acid on her, thereby leaving her body severely damaged.

After series of interrogations by the police, Armah was sent to court for prosecution where he was found guilty of the act and was given five years imprisonment. This decision was reached by Judge William B. Sando of the Circuit Court of Bomi County.

Meanwhile, family-members of Lukiyatu Lamie are calling on the national government, women’s groups, international organizations and philanthropists to give their daughter assistance by allowing her seek medical attention abroad. Lukiyatu is a mother of a two-year old daughter.

For any assistance, you can contact the following persons: Mr. Boima G. Cooper — 0777524691/ 0886524691; Mr. Hatuna Navo — 0770291048, Mr. Sciaffa G. Bernard — 0770767291/ 0886963287 and Mr. Boima M. Bernard -07779417291 0886624760.