Weah Petitioned For 2017 Presidency

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

The political leader of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) George Weah, says the party is opened to dialogue but will not sacrifice its core values as he accepts a petition from elders of Nimba County to contest the presidency in 2017.   Celebrating the party’s 10th Gala Anniversary over the weekend in Ganta, Nimba County; Senator Weah reiterated that “If we have to do it alone, we can and will but collaboration will also strengthen us.”

The petition was presented by Franklin Sayetorkah on behalf of the people over the weekend at the occasion stating that it is their mandate to petition Senator Weah for 2017 which is a demand and not a choice.

Senator Weah used the celebration to motivate the partisans and well-wishers informing them that every political cycle has shared vision but that peace can only be obtained through social justice and equal distribution of national resources.

He expressed that Liberia is yet to experience change because knowledge without passion changes nothing and that those responsible for education should stop joking with the future of the Liberian children noting that the educational system needs to be more robust.

The CDC political leader highlighted the privatization of electricity generation and distribution for Liberia. Given the traditional name ‘Sayegoze’ Senator Weah was further considered as the bridge between Liberia and its problems.

Senator Weah accepted the petition and promised the partisans that he will return at another time with an appropriate response while the Liberian CDC delegate from Australia described the party as the only successful political grass root party in the country organized by Liberians who are marginalized.

The CDC’s founding chairperson in the United States of America, Samuel Tweah serving as guest speaker urged the partisans that real success will be achieved if the party wins the presidency in 2017 and that it is incumbent upon the electorates to ensure that each person is able to recruit at least 200 persons.

The petitioning of Senator Weah to serve as the standard bearer of the CDC comes at a time when the party is yet to hold its national convention, recounting that in 2011, the party elected Winston Tubman to contest for the presidency while Senator Weah served as Vice Standard Bearer.

Following the party’s defeat, the partisans reverted to recognize Senator Weah as their political leader thereby ostracizing Cllr. Tubman for the entire party considering him as a traitor in the party.

Meanwhile, Senator Weah’s political marriage bond is still strong as his affiliating political team which includes Edwin Snowe, Bill Twahway, and Musa Bility were among the gathering during the celebrations while the Unity Party’s candidate who ‘sold’ out of the race for what he termed as ‘medical’ advice, Ali Sylla was present but he told reporters that his presence was based on invitation.