Sabah Jomah Identifies With West Point School

Gabriel Saydee, the Administrator of the Global Harvest Institute located in Kru Beach, West Point has extolled Miss Sabah Jomah, a prominent resident of District 7 for her initial donation of twenty bags of cement towards the erection of a structure to accommodate displaced students of the school.

The school was wiped away by sea erosion following torrential rainfall on June 2, leaving about three hundred students without facility to continue their educational process. The Global Harvest Institute is a tuition-free school that has been operating in the West Point Community since 2013.

The facility had six rooms and an administrative office. The benches, books and other school-related items were all destroyed by the violent sea erosion. At the moment, the school is temporarily hosted in a nearby structure. “The learning condition now is appalling. The kids are all squeezed up in a nearby structure and this is causing serious problem for us and we cannot close down the school because that is the most important thing for our children.”

Mr. Gabriel Saydee has meanwhile launched an appeal to all stakeholders, sons and daughters of West Point to come to the aid of the school and children of West Point. “This school is a hope for the children in this community. We cannot afford to see the academic process halted at this time,” he told the Inquirer. He said he has made representation to many persons but the response seems to be very slow.

“The first person to identify with us in this very crucial time is Miss Sabah Jomah, a resident of the PHP Community who is a prominent daughter of the District. She reached out to us from the US where she is on her annual vacation and she has made available twenty bags of cement promising to do more when she gets back home. We are grateful for her timely assistance,” he stated.

According to Mr. Saydee, several persons have visited the site of the school but none has made any contribution toward rebuilding the facility. He said, the fact that Miss Jomah can “reach out to us from the States shows her interest in education and the good of the people of West Point”. He told the Inquirer further that he has never met Miss Jomah before but he remains very grateful for her concern and magnanimous gesture for the children of West Point.“We need people like Miss Jomah who do not wait to be asked before helping. She saw the need and she has acted,” he added.