Pinnicess Community Inducts New Leadership

A new leadership of the Pinnicess Community in Monrovia has been inducted into office for a two-year term. Those inducted are Mr. Joseph Togba Nah, Chairman; Rev. JuwlehKofa, Co-chairman and Mr. William S. Nmah, General Secretary.

Serving as Guest Speaker, Rev. Ft. Edward K. Gbe of the Seamen Church of Liberia called on the Pinnicess people to maintain and uphold the dreams and aspirations of their forefathers for the sustainability and protection of the land of Pinnicess at all times.

Dwelling on the topic “Let Us Promote Unity,” Rev. Gbe reminded his kinsmen that they will not be able to maintain, sustain, and protect the land of Pinnicess in the absence of unity.

The clergyman added that unity is the way toward the development and the growth of any community including Pinnicess adding, “In unity the people of Pinnicess can establish the sense of consciousness which could help them more effectively to achieve their goal.”

He further stressed that the development of the land of Pinnicess rests on the shoulder of all citizens of the land and as such, they as people must hold together. The Rev, said in order to promote the sense of unity among them, the Pinnicess people both in Monrovia and back home need to encourage everyone to communicate to each other in an honest manner.

“People with complaints or suggestions about the Pinnicess community need to be given an opportunity to voice-out those concerns without criticizing or judging them. In the quest to build and to improve their community the people of Pinnicess should be able to solve problems whenever they arise,” Rev. Gbe pointed out.

In his acceptance speech marking the 11th induction of the Chairmanship of the Pinnicess Community residing inMonrovia at the Bishop W. Nah Dixon School in New Kru Town over the weekend, the Chairman of the Pinnicess Community, Mr. Joseph Togba Nah said the people of Pinnicess have been yearning for peace and unity which are the fundamental tools for development among them but that have not been accomplished into its entirety due to divisive tendencies characterized by what he referred to as concocted deceptive motives for decades.

Mr. Nah said his leadership will absorb all efforts to engage the Grand Kru County administration, the Legislative Caucus and all actors including the NGO communities to pay principal adherence to the County Development Agenda (CDA) for its full implementations without diversion.

According to Chairman Nah, the new administration of the Pinnicess Community in Monrovia will work in unison with all development partners in progress and all sartorial agencies of government for programs and projects to be initiated in Pinnicess, most especially those who serve the collective interest of their county.