We’re Preparing For UNMIL’s Draw Down

We're Preparing For UNMIL's Draw Down

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) Brig. General Daniel Ziankahn said the AFL had since been preparing for the drawdown of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL)

Brig. General Ziankahn said the army has been undergoing series of training in a bid to get it ready to take up its responsibility as the drawdown exercise of UNMIL is in process.

The AFL Boss, speaking on the Truth Breakfast Show yesterday also said the drawdown exercise of UNMIL is a ‘JasoPuzzle’ which means every citizen and the entire security apparatus must have an input.

The AFL General said as part of the AFL preparation for UNMIL draw down more personnel are being trained with 32 soldiers undergoing constant training and exhibiting such training.

Gen. Ziankahn disclosed that in July, UNMIL will be turning over the explosive Ordinance Disposal to the Government of Liberia and it is the AFL that will take charge of that responsibility.

The general further disclosed that the AFL is also preparing to provide security at all level following the UNMIL draw down including Maritime Security among others.

Gen Ziankahn disclosed that the committee that has been constituted to work out modalities for UNMIL drawdown has been working around the clock and making sure that things be in the right place.

However, Gen. Ziankahn noted that all is not well and more needs to be done to ensure that the AFL and other security agencies will be ready to take charge of security when UNMIL shall have left the country.