Is Enigma Wilson Better Than Dependable Doe & Dioh?

With James Debbah inviting the enigmatic Edward Junior Wilson to make matter worse is without a club at the expense of the duo of Francis Grandpa Doe and Dioh Williams; there are many screaming as to why was such decision taken by the overnight coach James Debbah. Statistics should be the barometer used in selecting players and with Wilson, age 30, still an international flop and proved to be an enigma during his days with clubs as he was useful on the club level and a flop on the international level. The left footed striker is yet to score a goal in six matches for his country and is in the hunt for club after being turned jobless in Malaysia. However, Debbah does not care and has ignored the statistics of Doe and Dioh in bringing Wilson.

The 30-year old Dioh who is in top form at Swedish topflight club Gefle FC and has won 17 caps for his country, scoring five goals with his back to back strikes against Senegal in the 2010 World Cup qualifier among his highlight shows that his omission by Debbah brings to the limelight more questions.

Doe, 29, and a mainstay with Malaysian outfit NS Matrix, has won 19 caps for his country, scoring four goals with the individually brilliant goal against Cameroon at the Amadou Ahidjo Stadium in a 2008 Africa cup of nations qualifier in his highlight brings to the fore a huge question as to why he was not invited.

Were the two players omitted or not invited for the Togo match based on footballing reasons or were they left out due to grudge or just mere gossips as some see them as “troublemakers”. These players have always been looked at in the unpleasant of manner by some football administrators, but these players have seemingly refused to be stooges and have the talent and have become dependable players for the Lone star. In all fairness, Debbah is being used as a stooge as he is not operating on his own. Dioh and Doe are being seen as “enemies” of the LFA.

It is advisable that the Lone Star must win or lose with their best and from all indications, the inventive, lively and ruthless Francis Grandpa Doe and Dioh Williams are better than Debbah’s surprised choice, the uninspiring, sterile and unattached Edward Junior Wilson. Remember, statistics don’t lie.