Grand Kru Lawmaker Wants Several Ministries Monitored

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

Representative Numene T. H.Bartekwa of Grand Kru County, District #2 has strongly complained to plenary of the House to keep an eagle eye on the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Works.

“Those ministries receive huge amount every year so there must be a monitoring program to track their performances in every county,” he stated.

In his communication, Rep. Bartekwa Informed plenary that those three ministries have been singled out amongst the rest because of their critical role in government’s social service delivery in the country as it is widely known.

Rep. Bartekwa said with all the huge support giving those three ministries, their impacts in the various counties are very limited. The lawmaker further disclosed that it is because they (lawmakers) have not been holding various ministry heads accountable to specific indicators in each of the counties and therefore lack the way to assess their performances.

“Their respective program budgets are left at their discretion for implementation thus giving them the option to decode what to do in a county; may this initiative serve as a start of county program budgeting which will definitely lead to equitable distribution of the nation’s resources through the national budget,” he asserted.

Rep. Bartekwa said the legislature only provides oversight after every execution, because there are other key things that they (lawmakers) are not doing that’s why Liberians are not getting the expected result because they (lawmakers) do not do program budgeting.

“If we are appropriating money for the Ministry of Education, we must take millions of dollars and give it to the Ministry of Education. This is the ministry’s budget in the execution of the budget; if left at the discretion of that ministry to decide what to be done in those counties, at the end those counties educational problems will still remain unsolved,” he intimated.

Rep. Bartekwa said the situation is damaging the country’s entire system that makes him to have alighted plenary of the House of Representatives that they (lawmakers) need to instruct the Ways & Means Committee on the situation.