Debbah Proceeding Wrongly

Debbah Proceeding Wrongly

By Roland M. Mulbah

The national team of Liberia has played 25 qualifier matches away since the legendary George Weah came from the bench in the second half and scored in the Lone Star 1-0 win at the Siaka Stevens Stadium against Sierra Leone on September 14, 2001 in a 2002 World Cup qualifier.

The red, white and blue outfit has been defeated 24 times and had conceded 71 goals, scored 13 and managed a 0-0 draw against Namibia during the regime of Kaetue Smith as head coach in 2012.

James SalinsaDebbah, a formidable member of the Weah 11 is at the helm of the Lone Star as head coach under controversial circumstances and has selected 10 attackers for the Togo duel failing to realize that the team is overcrowded offensively and needs more defence oriented players holding to that record the Liberia’s Lone Star is a poor traveller.

Debbah has also defied authorities of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) that he remains consistent in selecting unattached players even though LFA President, Musa Bility said in a major press conference that no unattached players will form part of the national team of Liberia.

Bility said, “This time around, no unattached players will play for Liberia. Who do you want us to send your ticket or information to?” Bility asked in a major press conference at the headquarters of the LFA.

The likes of international flop Edward Junior Wilson, political player George Weah, Jr and the unknown quantity Abel Gebor are completely unattached and have been selected at the expense of other Liberians who are plying their trades in Europe and other parts of the world who have craved to form part of the national team of Liberia.

Twenty- five qualifier matches played away since the George Weah era ended. Twenty four defeats, no win, one draw, 71 goals conceded and 13 goals scored. Lone Star is certainly a poor traveler. Thus, the 10 attackers selected is an indication that Liberia’s Lone Star is heading for more trouble as far as the result is concerned. One wonders why Coach Debbah will invite 10 attackers knowing that Lone Star is a poor traveler.

See Lone Star away record since the George Weah era ended below: 1. Sept.8, 2002-Guinea 3-Liberia-0, 2. March 30, 2003-Ethiopia 1-Liberia-0, 3. July 5, 2003…-Niger-1-Liberia-0, 4. Oct.17, 2003-Gambia-2-Liberia-0, 5. June 20, 2004-Congo Brazzaville-3-Liberia-0, 6. Sept.4, 2004-Zambia-1-Liberia-0, 7. March 26, 2005-Senegal 6-Liberia-1,8. June 5, 2005-Mali-4-Liberia-1,9. Sept. 3, 2005-Togo 3-Liberia-0,10. Sept. 23, 2006-Equatorial Guinea-2-Liberia-1, 11. March 24, 2007-Cameroon-3-Liberia-1, 12. September 8, 2007-Rwanda-4-Liberia-1, 13. June 6, 2008-Algeria 3-Liberia-0,14. June 21, 2008-Senegal 3-Liberia-1, 15. Sept.6, 2008-Gambia-3-Liberia-0, 16. October 9, 2010-Mali-2-Liberia-1, 17. March 26-2011-Cape Verde-4-Liberia-2, 18. Sept. 4, 2011-Zimbabwe-3-Liberia-0, 19. June 2, 2012-Senegal-3-Liberia-1, 20. June 16, 2012-Namibia-0-Liberia-0 (The Only Draw), 21. October 13, 2012-Nigeria-6-Liberia-1,,22. December 15, 2012-Mauritania-2-Liberia-1, 23. June 8, 2013- Uganda-1-Liberia-0, 24. October 12, 2012 Nigeria 6- Liberia 1, 25 June 1, 2014 Lesotho 2- Liberia 0