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Gov’t To Dissolve Six Entities

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr.

The Government of Liberia (GOL) has planned dissolving six government entities that are no longer essential to serve the public.

The National Budget for 2015-2016 worth US$ 604, 4520.00 submitted to the National Legislature yesterday, was welcomed by the Speaker of the House, Alex Tyler.

Speaking at the Capitol Building yesterday, The Ministry of Finance, Planning & Development, Deputy Minister for Expenditure, James Kollie said BWI has been given additional resources to carry on some renovations and the feeding of students to assist in the process of keeping them (students) on campus.

“The University of Liberia (UL) has also been given additional budget to assist the university’s authority in its operations to augment the country’s educational system.

Min. Kollie said if an organization was established to do a particular thing and is no longer essential and if another private entity or NGOs can do it, then such entity must be dissolved.

He added that obviously there will be skilled people that will be absorbed elsewhere in the system and they will definitely be used because GOL will not just fire or redundant people because there is a policy on redundancy.

“If they are no longer essential should they keep being there or should we redeploy them elsewhere and use resources more efficiently,” Min Kollie asked.

He stated that those entities that are to be dissolved soon are no more important or capable of serving the public.

Responding to the submitted National Budget to the House, Speaker Alex Tyler said that they (lawmakers) have welcomed the budget and it will be submitted to the House plenary to the Committee on Ways, Means and Finance.



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