Bar Assoc. Elects New Officers

By Edwin G. Wandah

The Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) has elected new corps of officers to steer the affairs of the Association for the next three years. Those elected during the LNBA Special Convention were Counselor G. Moses Paegar, President; Cllr. BimaLansanah, Vice President; Attorney Dallamah J. Sulonteh, Secretary Genral and Attorney A. KundunkaiJaleiba elected on a white ballot as National Treasure of the BAR.

The electoral process which was orderly conducted has been described by several persons as transparent and credible. Speaking shortly after the process, Chief Justice Francis Korkpor addressed the audience mainly comprising of Lawyers and Attorneys At-Law and expressed gratitude to the Theophilus C. Gould leadership for its professional role in conducting the process.

At least, now the concern of when the BAR goes to elections has been settled, but Chief Justice Korkpor Sr. believed also that the current trend of the Liberian National Bar Association- LNBA will speak volume for the high degree of maturity all lawyers and Attorneys exhibited in Bassa during the election.

Conceding defeats, two of the contestants in the race for the Vice President and President position of the Bar hailed the National Bar for the victory. Cllr. Sylvester D. Reenie who contested for the Vice President, but did not win embraced his colleagues, Cllr. Lansanah for the hard work and unity he exhibited, and for obtaining the number of votes which took him to win the race.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Korkpor Sr. and several of the lawyers hailed Cllr. Tiawan S. Gongloe for coming second in what was described as tough and crucial race. Making a brief remark, Cllr. Gongloe reiterated his commitment to the new leadership of Cllr. Paegar. According to Cllr. Gongloe, there were no losers in the race, as he believes the LNBA won the day.

“For more than 20 years now, we have been advocating for change within the LNBA, and as my colleagues Cllr. Paegar has won the election, we will work along with him to see that the BAR regains its respect,” Cllr. Gongloe stated.

“I was called to this race by the Attorneys to contest, and I applied ten minutes to the closure of the process, but with this result, we can see that the people of the Bar have spoken, and we respect them for the decision that they have made. I now call on all of my supporters to rally around this leadership and give Cllr. Paegar the much needed supports he needs to move the LNBA forward,” Cllr. Gongloe stated.

Meanwhile, the Convention which was held in Grand Bassa County has been considered as one of the best in the history of the LNBA. Outgoing President Cllr. Theophilus C. Gould told his colleagues at the Convention that he was overwhelmed by the number of attendance at the Buchanan Convention.

Cllr. Gould intimated that although, his time was over as serving as President of the LNBA, but with the level of supports given him by his colleagues, his head was lifted high and can boast of his success. “Members of the Bar, we are overwhelmed by the level of maturity you have exhibited today at this Convention; we will continue to remember the works of our hands and the commitment we see from you,” Cllr. Gould stated.

Meanwhile, those contested in the process for the National President include, Cllr. Johnson obtaining 38 votes, Cllr. Gongloe 138 votes and Cllr. Paegar with 144 votes, making him winner of the process. For the Vice President position, Cllr. Lansanah 110 votes, Cllr. Reenie 100 votes and Cllr. Sayeh with just 72 votes, giving Cllr. Lansanah the crown, while the Secretary General was won by Atty. Sulunteh with 162 votes, defeating Atty. Emmanuel T. Reeves who got 62 votes and Atty. Bobby Livingston with just 57 votes.