Gd. Kru Supt. Challenges GAC…On Audit Report

By Jefferson D. Tweh

Grand Kru County Superintendent, Elizabeth Dempster, has sharply reacted to the General Auditing Commission (GAC’s) report that she mismanaged L$323, 900, 00 intended to fight the deadly Ebola virus in the county.

She was also accused by the GAC of sourcing the procurement of vehicles from Africa Motors, Reelin Liberia GBK outside of the Public Procurement Concession Law and in an interview via mobile, Supt. Dempster challenged the GAC to prove beyond reasonable doubts that she mismanaged L$323, 900, 00 and sourced the procurement of vehicles from Africa Motors, Reelin Liberia GBK outside of the PPCC law.

Madam Dempster said the audit was intended to tarnish her reputation that she has built over the years and that GAC misled the public and did not provide correct information and supporting facts that she mismanaged Ebola funds.

The Grand Kru Superintendent said the first money that she received from the Government of Liberia to fight the deadly Ebola virus in the county was L$175, 000. 00 and that the money was used for the intended purpose.

She explained that besides the L$175, 000. 00, she received additional L$200, 000. 00 which was used to buy buckets, soaps, clorax, buckets of chlorines, and also provided transportations for the County Ebola Taskforce to carry on awareness in the various communities in the county.

The Grand Kru Superintendent told this paper that the last money she received was L$295, 000. 00 and each District Superintendents were given L$30,000 to help carry on massive Ebola awareness in his or her community. She added that districts that received the Ebola funds L$30,000. 00 include; Forpoh, Buah, Grandcess, Trehn, Wadabo, Jloh, Dorbor, Jrao but with the exception of Barclayville and Pinicess that received L$15,000 each and the balance money was L$18, 000.00 that was turned over to the County Ebola Taskforce.

Madam Dempster said some employees of the GAC who went to the county to conduct an audit behave unprofessional and that they did not exhibit good behavior and gave misleading information to the public and tarnish her reputation.

“After the audit, they did not pack my documents; rather they dashed them in the office but they just wanted to prove that they are working. I challenge them for the report they released because it’s full of lies and intended to bring me to public dispute,” Supt Dempster added.

The GAC maintained that its audit report has indicted two superintendents for various financial malpractices in the amount of L$323,000.00 intended to fight Ebola. GAC said Superintendents Zuagele and Dempster reportedly failed to provide supporting documents for the usage of monies given them to fight Ebola in their counties. GAC expressed fear that the money spent without adequate supporting documents could be diverted to personal use.