Apostolic Faith Mission Int’l To Launch Agricultural Empowerment Program

The Apostolic Faith Mission International, a newly established Church in Liberia has embarked on a new way of evangelism.

According to the National Chairman, Rev. Bobby F. Moore, the Church, since its inception, has been involved with agricultural productivities in rural Liberia.

He said the Church has designed a program code name “Poverty Alleviation Initiative” which is centered around cash crops production for the empowerment of rural dwellers most especially women. This, he said is a new form of evangelism Apostolic Faith is introducing to Liberia; bringing people to Christ through agricultural productivity.

The Apostolic Faith Mission National Chairman said that one cannot preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a hungry person or someone who is in abject poverty without any physical assistance or empowerment to listen.

He explained that since the Church came into existence two years ago, they have planted sister churches in five of the fifteen counties in Liberia namely Gbarpolu, Bomi, Grand Cape Mount, Montserrado and Bong respectively.

Rev. Moore also revealed that the Church was given over 150 acres of land in Gbarpolu County where they have made the largest farm in Gbaquita Town, Gbarpolu County.

He said some of the proceeds from that farm will be sold, and revenue generated from there will be given to the Church and community members as micro-loan as economic empowerment for the people.

“After harvest we will sell some of the produce to give out micro-loans, then store some for the succeeding farming year,” the Reverend stated.

The prelate further disclosed that plans are underway for the construction of the Apostolic Faith Mission International Central Church in Jah Tondo Town, Brewerville. He said the launch of this project will be in October of this year which will be a fund raising program.

“Our Church has approximately 800 to 900 members across the five counties previously named and our intention and long term plans are to take the gospel of Christ across the entire Liberia and to neighboring Sierra Leone and Guinea,” Rev. Moore asserted.

He named Bro. Sumo Kupe and Bro. Varney Scott as National Administrator and Secretary General of the Church in Liberia.

He also mentioned that the Church’s programs are being assisted by Apostolic Mission International UK, which is a partner to Apostolic Mission International Liberia.

Meanwhile, Rev. Moore who is the founder of the Liberia Children Development Foundation has been in Interior Ministry for almost 20 years and that his organization has provided scholarships for children resident in rural areas throughout those years.

He is however calling on National Government to help his organization to expand its assistance to less fortunate children whose parents cannot afford to send them to school.