Witnesses Testifies In Francis Allison-Ecobank Case…Says Plaintiff Still Indebted To Bank

Two defense witnesses have testified in the case Frances Johnson-Allison Vs. the Management of EcoBank in which the Action of Damage case brought against the bank by former Justice Minister, Frances Johnson-Allison.

In their testimonies, defense witnesses Obadiah Kun and Archie Pondon admitted that Plaintiff Allison was a customer of EcoBank who contracted three loans in the amount of initial US$25,000.00, the second US$15,000.00 and a final loan of US$10,000.00 the initial. According to the defense witnesses, the US$25,000 loan was partially liquated with a balance of US$4,000.00 while the second loan of US$15,000 was also given to the customer thus bringing her total indebtedness at the time to US$19,000.OO.

According to the witness Kun who earlier testified,the final loan of US$10,000.00 was given to the customer on April 30, 2013 as evidenced by her acceptance of the offer-letter and the subsequent acknowledgment of the debt by the Executive Director of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC).

On whether she was forced to take the third loan of US$10,000.00, the witnesses said Madam Allison was not in any way forced as she signed the offer-letter and also signed other security documents including the signing of salaries, the right of setoff and domiciliation agreement, as well as a promissory note.

Responding to another question, the witnesses also noted that the initial US$25.000.00 has a balance of US$4,000 and the second loan of US$15,000.00 was also given which made the bank total exposing to the customer US$19,000.00 in chief. The deed under consideration was used as a collateral to secure the facility.

Witness Kun stated further that there were two loan forms to be filled and that the employee’s credit form, one for the balance of the US$25,000.00 and the ‘additional US$l5,000. He said the customer in question is a lettered person. She had been a Debt Court Judge, Circuit Court Judge, Chief Justice of the Republic of Liberia, which means that she understands the law fully and have the right to refuse the loan, by signing the loan document and all security documents attached and by allowing the Executive Director of the LACC to acknowledge the debt to the knowledge does not in anyway seen as a force. He said the loans document were signed on April 30, 2013 and the loan was 24hrs later disbursed on May 1 of the same year.

In her allegation, Cllr. Allison said she could not continue her project, as the bank caused her economic lost, inconvenience, embarrassment, metal torture, distress and emanation. But defense witnesses said the bank granted the customer three loans in the amount of US$25,000.00, US$15,000.00 and US$10,000.00 which does not in any way show the bank unwillingness or refusal to grant the customer the loan. “By way of information loans to customers are based on criteria; the request was granted these three facilities by evidencing her request,” witness Kun said.

Recently, Cllr.Frances Johnson Morris Allison instituted an Action of Damages against the bank claiming that she was emanated and that she underwent metal torture growing out of the fact that her collateral deed was not returned to her. But Defense first witness Kun disclosed that Cllr. Allison’s collateral was not returned to her because she was actually indebted to the bank.

The witness said the Plaintiff benefited three loans from the bank, the first loan being the loan of US$25,000.00, the second loan was a loan of US$15,000 and the third loan which is currently in her book is the loan ofUS$10,000.00.

The second defense witness, Mr. Pondon said plaintiff Allison had the first loan of US$ 25,000 her installment she was paying regularly, but when her total outstanding dropped to US$4,000 she went and requested for US$15,000 for her overall.