UNICEF Delegation Pleased With Ebola Messages

A high level UNICEF delegation visiting Liberia says it is so far pleased with the level of Ebola awareness messages carryout by SHALOM, INC , a local non governmental organization which concluded a massive sensitization campaign on the deadly Ebola virus in four communities in the Borough of New Kru Town.

UNICEF delegation over the week end concluded a one day inter active working visit with adolescents and most vulnerable girls at risk which led an intensive fight against the Ebola virus in several communities around the Bushrod Island area and expressed hope that training acquired from the exercise will be utilized in the future.

The working forum was characterized by question and answer section, where the girls were afforded the opportunity to explain their difficult ordeal in spreading the Ebola awareness messages during the height of the out break which claimed the lives of thousands and felt the needs to ensure that the disease was eliminated from Liberia.

The head of the delegation indicated, “We are highly delighted to be with you today and hear more of some of your concerns especially as it relates to the Ebola sensitization and just have a quiet and short conversation with you.”

Under the UNICEF sponsored program which was successfully implemented by SHALOM Inc., several adolescents, mainly female under the ages of 10-19 received intensive training under the supervision of UNICEF and were spread out in all of the four communities earmarked to propagate the sensitization messages to communities dwellers on preventive measures.

The girls told the visiting delegation that Some of the Ebola sensitization messages communicated to residents include; the constant washing of hands, avoid touching one another, avoid eating bush meet and bats, avoid touching and bathing dead bodies among others.

The organization has over the last few years provided humanitarian services to a number of communities and is recognized for successfully initiating the awareness campaign on the deadly Ebola virus where several residents benefited from the exercise.

From what have been gathered, Materials for the Sensitization program was jointly provided by the Ministry of Health and UNICEF while a week- long peer educators training of the adolescent girls on the spread of the virus was successfully conducted under SHALOM’s girls project.

At the end of the inter-active forum on Friday, May 1, 2015 at the organization edifice in the Borough of New Kru Town, SHALOM Executive Director Madam Pate’ Chon, recounted the difficult days in getting the messages out to the people, thus outlining her organization numerous humanitarian work in the county.