Tipoteh Wants Decent Work Bill Passed

Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, Advisor to Workers of Liberia for four decades, called for the immediate passage of the Decent Work Bill into Law.

In his May Day message, Dr. Tipoteh used the opportunity of the celebration of May Day, International Workers Day, May 1st, to rally the people of Liberia to put massive pressure on the National Legislature of Liberia to pass the Decent Work Bill which the legislators have been sitting for the past five years.

Dr. Tipoteh said it is most shameful for the “representatives of the people” to be violating the rights of the people by sitting on the Decent Work Bill, especially when the Workers of Liberia continue to suffer immense hardships, while they, the representatives, continue to engage in luxurious living at the workers expense.

According to Dr. Tipoteh, no wonder the President of Liberia, in addressing the legislators, through her 2015 Annual State of the Nation Address, called the attention of the legislators to the fact that corruption in Liberia is now in its worst stage, the vampire stage.

He said it is under the watch of the National Legislature, the first branch of the government, that corruption has now become the vampire that kills people by depriving the people of the benefits from their hard work.

Dr. Tipoteh insisted that the legislators were elected to do the people’s business and as the legislators are too busy doing their own business rather than doing the people’s business, then the legislators might as well pack up and go home and not receive any money from the people, as the legislators continue to do.

If this is not done, Dr. Tipoteh said that the people will exercise their constitutional rights to protect and promote their fights by getting better legislators through the electoral process.

He concluded his May Day Message by using some words from the Workers Anthem: Solidarity Forever for the Union Makes Us Strong! Dr. Tipoteh ended with the People’s Rallying Call: GwehFehKpei! ( theKpelle Language for the Struggle Continues!).