Samukai Assures Of Peace After UNMIL

Samukai Assures Of Peace After UNMIL

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr.

Defense Minister Brownie Samukai has assured the Liberian public that there will be continuous peace after the UNMIL draw down with no more April 14 Rice Riot because government is putting all necessary mechanisms in place to assure that the country remains safe today and for the future.   He made these statements yesterday at the Stella Maris Polytechnic fund raising program held in Monrovia.

Minister Samukai stated that it is very necessary to learn from those who are ahead of you in life because it helps make you a better person for the future. He said early preparation is helpful and when it grows with a person it leads to the successful story of them.

“I grew up in a home with huge family; I grew up in the slum like some of you, but what is most important is that I had vision and dream that got me to where I am and you can be tomorrow,” he intimated.

Minister Samukai said, “It is necessary for citizens to criticize their government to show some responsibilities, that we are beginning to handle things on our own. There will be no more April 14, looking at the lots of investments; I think we (Liberians) are not willing to go back to the useless civil crisis that benefited us nothing but delay in catching up with the world.”

He added that whenever government takes decision he will be part of it and will never stand to be the good one and make others look ugly and that one should not draw decision about one’s decision.

“If you feel the team is not working, then leave the team because if you are part of the team and say the team is not working then, definitely you are not working too, Samukai stated.

Minister Samukai expressed some level of disappointments in Ellen Cockrum’s issue and the West Point Incidents which led to the death of a young Liberian who could have contributed to the rebuilding process of the country.