LACC Former Chair Sues Bank For Damages

By Edwin G. Wandah

Former Liberia’s Justice Minister, Francis Johnson Allison, is demanding general damages from Ecobank to pay her at least general damages for what she termed psychological and mental damages she sustained due to the measures the bank put her through.

Appearing when she testified before the Civil Law Court in Monrovia, the former Justice Minister Allison told the court that the bank has been keeping her land deed despite all efforts made by her to get her document back.

Minister Allison further stated that due to the illegal possession of her land deed, she has found extremely difficult to do other transactions, at least by getting loan from other banks. The former Minister who appeared calm explained the ordeal she has been going through at the helm of Ecobank.

Minister Allison told the court that in 2011, she took a loan from Ecobank in the amount of US$25,000 and paid, and took another US$10, 000 later and again paid having given her land deed as collateral.

But according to her, the bank has refused to give back her land deed, something which according to her has been a serious embarrassment, thus creating several setbacks and has therefore requested the court to assist her get the bank to pay her for those damages which she had incurred over the years.