GAC Wants All Public Funds Officials Bonded

Liberia’s Auditor General, Madam Yusador Saadatu Gaye, has suggested that people who are taking care of public or government money must be bonded.

Madam Gaye said this will not only ensure professionalism and good level of accountability but enhance transparency and ensure proper record keeping at a level where funds are expended.

Speaking yesterday at a Governance Commission organized Policy Dialogue on “Mainstreaming Accountability and Transparency in the Deconcentration Framework,” the Auditor General said the General Auditing Commission (GAC) as means of strengthening accountability and transparency is collaborating with the Internal Audit Agency (IAA) in putting in place a system that can minimize corruption.

Madam Gaye said this collaboration will lead to fiscal officers following the system put in place, build capacity through training in a bid to strengthen the level of accountability and transparency.

Outlining the challenges being faced by the GAC, Madam Gaye noted that the Commission has logistical shortcomings, limited resources and yet to have regional offices in rural Liberia.

The AG also told the gathering that good record-keeping is also a problem and knowing that auditing goes with time; it is prudent that financial officers carry out good record-keeping as it will assist in making informed decision.

She stressed that in building capacity at the local level, emphasis must be placed on professionalism and to ensure continuous education by working along with the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA).

The AG said that at the national level the GAC still has some challenges, a situation which requires the development of a system that will deal with compliance and implementation of policies; reports Timothy T. Seaklon