Anger Again…Following The Death Of Another Motorcyclist; But Lawmaker Calms Storm

By Varney K. Sirleaf

Brewerville area was recently a scene of fracas when it was learned that another motorcyclist, Mark Kollie Pewee, died days after he was allegedly beaten by some officers of the Liberia National Police.

However, the Representative of the area, William Varney Dakel was able to calm the storm as some of those who were angry over the attempt to engage in similar action as was done in the Redlight area with the burning of a police depot.

According to information gathered by the INQUIRER, a motorcyclist identified as Mark Kollie Pewee died Monday night at 10:30 p.m. after several complaints about pains in his chest.

A lady, Josephine Morris, who claimed to be a neighbor to the deceased’s lover, said Pewee told them that prior to his death he was beaten by a police officer identified as Benedict Mongar on allegation that he stole a motorbike from the Police Depot.

She explained that Pewee was arrested from Kpaikor Junction where he works as a mechanic and detained for five days at the Zone 6 Police Station in Brewerville.

Also, the General Supervisor of the Liberia Motorcyclists Transport Union, Mr. Momoh S. Harris, narrated that information he gathered is that one week ago, the late Mark was arrested by officer Mongar and detained for a motorbike which was allegedly stolen from the Police Depot.

Mr. Harris said what astonished him most was the Zone 6 Police Station said it has no record on the arrest and detention of the late Mark Pewee.

Chairman Harris has called on the government to speedily investigate the murder of Mark Pewee.

An eyewitness, Randall Walker, said he was present when officer Mongar got in a tussle with the late Mark to take the deceased’s bike to the police station.

He said when the officer went to arrest Mark, he (Mark) refused, it was then fighting ensued during which time the officer called for reinforcement.

The eyewitness told this paper that when the reinforcement came, the deceased was taken to the police depot,” he explained.

For his part, Rep. William Varney Dakel explained that Monday night over 100 motorcyclists went to his house alleging that one of their colleagues has been murdered by an officer of the Liberia National Police.

The District number 17 Lawmaker said upon hearing about the anger among the people over the incident, he immediately intervened and went to the victim’s house in Perry Town on the VOA Road, Brewerville.

“Upon arrival we met the late Mark’s body lying; but it was totally a different story and I called for the Health Team to verify the death; they came and confirmed that the fellow was actually dead.    Information we gathered was that Mark was arrested and detained for five days and later released, but complained of pains since his release from detention,” Rep. Dakel narrated.

He said Mark vomited blood before he died Monday night.

The Lawmaker further stated that the family of the boy had earlier resolved to bury him, but call came from the police headquarters, halting the family to hold on until an autopsy would have been conducted to establish the cause of his death.

Meanwhile, Rep. Dakel has called on the bereaved families, the motorcyclists to exercise restraints and avoid any act that would lead to violence.

The reported death of the motorcyclist brings to three the number of commercial motorcyclists allegedly killed by security personnel in the last three weeks.
While going to press, it was gathered that the accused in this latest matter was arrested and taken to the Liberia National Police, pending investigation.

When contacted yesterday, police spokesman, Sam Collins promised to get back to this paper, but failed to do so, as efforts to get to him later did not materialize. Investigation continues.