War Victim Cries For Help

Christine Konneh, then, a 5-year old child in Kolahun District, Lofa County, was among many persons who were hit by particles during the fighting between government forces and those of the former Liberian United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD).

According to her, it was in 2001 during a fierce fighting the two forces that an object hit her in the head. She said that since then, she has been managing by taking medication. But she noted that for the past two years, the pains have intensified.

Christina, now 19, said that because of the severity of the pain, her father took her to the Mawah Clinic in Vai Town, where she was given some medication to alleviate the pain.

She said the doctors advised her parents to seek further medical treatment as this might probably cause damage to her brain. She said it was later gathered she needed brain surgery, as this was the only way to solve the problem she is faced with.

The father of the child, Mr. Konneh said it was based on this he is seeking for assistance for his daughter to seek further medical check up.

“I do not have money to treat my daughter; I need help to save her life; my daughter is suffering; she hardly sleeps because of the pains she is undergoing,” “he lamented.

Anyone willing to help should contact THE INQUIRER Newspaper or call 0886516533/0777516533