Mysterious Death In Point Four

By Jefferson D. Tweh

Yesterday morning was a scene of attraction, frustration, sorrow and tears at the Point Four Junction outside Monrovia where a man only identified as Abdullah was found lying dead.

There were two alleged accounts leading to the late Abdullah’s death. Some eyewitnesses said the deceased went to a night club for entertainment and chose to offer a strange girl who was in love with an alleged hard core criminal.

According to the eyewitnesses; while the late Abdullah was engaged with the girl, the alleged criminal lover entered the club aggressively and told the deceased to leave her alone or else he would harm him and the deceased; he did pay heed and left the club based on the threats.

Our source narrated that while the deceased was enroute to his residence in that same vicinity, the girl’s alleged lover chased him and allegedly stabbed him in his chest twice.

The eyewitnesses also told this paper that after the alleged perpetrator had carried out the act on the deceased he went straight to the girl and slashed off one of her ears and fled the scene.

“As we are speaking to you right now, the girl is at the Redemption Hospital seeking medical attention,” the eyewitnesses explained further.

Other eyewitnesses admitted that the late Abdullah was allegedly having an affair with the alleged criminal’s lover in the area and was warned on several occasions by goodwill people to stay away from the girl.