Public Works Dedicates Two Hand Pumps In Caldwell

By Jefferson D. Tweh

In an effort to provide safe drinking water to inhabitants in Montserrado County and its environs, the Ministry of Public Works dedicated two hand pumps yesterday in Taylor Mayor Community, Coffee Farm Caldwell.   Speaking at the dedicatory program yesterday, the Assistant Minister for Rural Development at the Ministry of Public Works, George Yarngo, lauded the Taylor Mayor Community for the great commitment made in initiating a two-hand pump project in their community.

Minister Yarngo disclosed that the Ministry of Public Works did little but the community members buttressed the effort of the Ministry which will undoubtedly benefit the community from the project. He said hand pumps prevent people from getting sick but a clinic only helps people whenever they are sick and called on communities to emulate the example of Taylor Mayor Community.

According to Minister Yarngo, the Ministry of Public Works is pleased with the effort that the community people have made and that will also encourage the Ministry to further give help to the Taylor Mayor Community. He then urged the Chairman and the community members to continue with their diligent work.

Also speaking at the program, the Township Commissioner of Caldwell, Madam Alexine Howard, said it was the first time for a community to come up with a brilliant idea and a proposal, to patiently see that it happens, and if other communities follow the footstep of the Taylor Mayor Community, there will indeed be lots of hand pumps in Caldwell.

Madam Howard noted that it was the first time for the community to make such proposal to the Government of Liberia and did not squander the money; instead, initiated a project to benefit thousands of people in the community and that she salutes the Chairman and community members for the great work, and she promised to work with any community that has Caldwell at heart.

The Chairman of the Taylor Mayor Community, Deacon Marvin B. Menyon has lauded the Ministry of Public Works for the donation made to the community people. He said the community is large and comprised of four big quarters with three additional hand pumps needed to enable the entire community get safe drinking water because water is indeed life.

Deacon Menyon said the two hand pumps dedicated by the Government of Liberia will be well maintained and that the Ministry of Public Works donated two hand pumps to the community and the project was funded by Grass-Field Sand Mining Company while the two hand pumps were installed by the community people. He then urged the Ministry of Public Works to continue with its good work.