LPRC New MD Takes Over

By Janjay F. Campbell

The outgoing Managing Director at Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), T. Nelson Williams, yesterday turned over his office to Professor Sumo Kupee who is the incoming Managing Director saying that the employees at LPRC are the best in the country.

At the turning over ceremony at the LPRC compound, Mr. Williams outlined some of the achievements that took place during his incumbency. He mentioned that a new testing laboratory was established and a-four bed site clinic was opened for employees.

He thanked the work force for cooperating with him and for making things happened smoothly during the five years he stayed at the company. He stressed that they never experienced any strike action since his tenure at the company as Managing Director.

The former Managing Director encouraged employees to work along with the new Managing Director and that they should create a relationship that will be suitable for everyone.To the board he said, they cooperated with the administration and made the employees very pleased.

Taking over the office as the new Managing Director at LPRC, Professor Sumo Kupee told the workers that he will need their cooperation and stressed that he has seen the five years plan of LPRC and he has no plan to change it.

“All we have to do is to work together to strengthen the plan. I have come as a team player and will want everyone on my team; if you want to stay on the job, do your work,” he stressed.

To his deputies, the new MD said they will have to work together to help the Corporation forge ahead. He stated that if they fail to work collaboratively, the employees will not cooperate at all. To the importers he said, he will work with them to make sure that the price of petroleum will satisfy everyone.

The ceremony was graced by dignitaries and businessmen in the petroleum business with former Managing Directors of LPRC.