Gov’t Hails Ruling In Urey’s Motion

Gov’t Hails Ruling In Urey's Motion

By Antoinette Sendolo

The government of Liberia has welcomed a recent ruling of the First Judicial Circuit Court of Montserrado County, denying a recent motion filed by defendant Clemenceau Urey, requesting the court for severance.

Commenting on the issue yesterday at the regular MICAT press conference, Information Minister Lewis Brown said,   “The government feels compelled to draw attention to the matter without commenting on the substantive issues before the court, and limiting itself to the public record”.

He added, “We draw attention to a ruling by His Honor Peter W. Ghenewelleh in the case Clamenceau B. Urey. Sr., movant, versus the Republic of Liberia by and thru the Ministry of Justice, respondents, which grows out of the case Republic of Liberia, plaintiff versus Clernenceau B. Urey. Sr. et al. for the commission of the crimes of economic sabotage,bribery and criminal conspiracy”.

Minister Brown, in a special statement said, “Sadly, of recent, the public space has been inundated with wholly false and imaginary claims presented in defense of these charges especially by Mr. Urey that the President directed his action, and as such, acting as an agent, he should not be liable. According to the public records, the courts have not just disagreed; it has found this defense to be contradictory”.

The Information Minister noted that the government’s attention is drawn to the recent ruling by the court in order to confirm two important facts. Firstly, it proves that the legal system is alive and functioning and secondly, to debunk media reports of alleged “backroom deals” between the Ministry of Justice and the defendants to interfere with and hijack the ongoing litigation.

He stressed that the administration of the Liberian Government is proud of the growing independence of the Liberian Judiciary and will do nothing to undermine the growing public confidence in its processes and actions.

The First Judiciary Circuit Court of Montserrado recently denied a motion for severance filed by defendant Clemenceau B. Urey, Sr. in a criminal Sabotage and other alleged crimes levied against him and nine Co-defendants.

In the court’s ruling, Movant, (Clemenceau B. Urey Sr.), and nine others were indicted by the Grand Jury for Montserrado County during the February Term of Court A.D. 2015 for the alleged crimes of economic Sabotage, Bribery, and Criminal Conspiracy on April 8, 2015.