Father Accused Of Abusing Daughter

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

A father of a 13-year old girl has been accused of constantly abusing his daughter whenever she went to spend time with him at his house.   The girl accompanied by her mother and other relatives to our offices Sunday evening narrated that the first time the minor was allegedly raped and abused by her father (name withheld) was last December but apparently the action of the father to his own daughter reduced the girl’s esteem and held her spell-bound so much that she did not explain it to anyone at the moment.

In her medical report from which this paper now quotes said, it happened sometime right after Christmas that the victim’s father returned home drunk from a girlfriend area in the night after 10:00 p.m. and took her from her auntie’s bedroom into his room and jumped on her; took off her clothes and lay on top of her and raped her for the first time.

According to the victim, her father locked her up in his room and threatened her that nobody can do anything to him and over and over he abused her more than five to six times. The medical report described the violence used by the alleged perpetrator as intimidation or threats and physical violence.

To perfect his action, the alleged perpetrator even bought his daughter one of the latest I-pad that every youth in such century would want to get and continued his act of abusing her. According to the minor, he had abused her on three different occasions.

The mother of the victim explained that it was the emaciating condition of her daughter that drew her attention and concern in inquiring from her what the matter was and it was through a skillful strategy that the victim was able to divulge the information when she was taken to the hospital for examination.

The alleged rapist, an American naturalized citizen who returned to Liberia about two years ago is currently in the employ of an international bank and also serves as a part-time lecturer at a local university.

The family has reported the matter to the Women and Children Division of the Liberia National Police Zone 5 Depot. Meanwhile, medical examination of the victim included the conduct of a pelvic examination and a medical certificate was issued while medical and psychosocial care was administered.

According to information gathered, the alleged perpetrator has gone into hiding upon notice of a police arrest at his home on Sunday April 19 about the afternoon hours. A Writ of Arrest is still out for the alleged rapist as police at Central Police Headquarters reviews his file.

Investigation continues…