Police Probes Thursday Incident…As Dead Motorcyclist’s Family Requests Autopsy

The Liberia National Police has announced that it has commenced a vigorous investigation to ascertain the facts and establish the cause(s) of this unfortunate situation of the motorcyclist’s death. The Police have however extended its deepest condolences to the bereaved families.

The death of the motorcyclist led to violence that resulted in the burning of the police station in the Redlight Market with the destroying of properties and disruption of normal activities in that area.

In its statement, the Director of Police C. Clarence Massaquoi has vowed to ensure a speed and transparent outcome of the investigation in the interest of the public.

In addition, Director Massaquoi has issued a very strong warning to all motorcyclists to strictly observe the restriction placed on the no go zones.

Meanwhile, the family of the late motorcyclist, Alfred Tarnue has filed a formal complaint to the Attorney General, Benedict Sannoh requesting an autopsy for their relative because the cause of death provided by the police is unacceptable.

The father of the deceased, Alfred Tarnue said the death of his son still remains a mystery to him because he was not sick before going in the traffic on that fateful day and that he and his family’s presence at the MoJ was to identify the culprit and seek justice for his son.

The sister of the late motorcyclist, Jestina Garty who also spoke to journalists during their stand-off in front of the Ministry’s compound in Sinkor said that the family is only concerned about how their deceased relative would be buried.

She said the explanation provided by the police as to how their brother died is a mere lie and for that, they are unable to claim the body for burial alone adding that there is no way someone could die after falling off a motorbike without lacerations on the body.

She narrated that the only bruise she saw on her brother’s corpse was the swelling on the neck from what she believed was a hit by the baton allegedly used by the police officer identified as Melvin Marwolo, who is the same officer reported to have taken the late Tarnue to the Benson Hospital, where he was later reported dead on arrival.

According to another sister of the late motorcyclist, officer Marwolo had arrested the deceased prior to Thursday’s incident on two separate occasions for traffic violations. Meanwhile the family is asking the government to conduct an autopsy on the remains of Tarnue.

On Thursday, April 16 in the commercial district of Redlight near Monrovia police and motorcyclists clashed after many motorcyclists in that part of the country believed that a fellow commercial motorcyclist was killed by a police officer.

The misunderstanding led to thugs getting on the rampage and damaging several police facilities in that vicinity including the setting ablaze of a police station in Redlight as well as erecting road blocks, looting shops and stealing goods from marketers.

Calm has already returned to the Redlight area and it has been reported that the government has put a ban on commercial motorcyclists throughout the country for 90 days until further notice.

Other reports suggest that the government of Liberia would take to court the Liberia Motorcycle Transport Union for the actions of the motorcyclists on Thursday.