Students Sitting On The Floor In Margibi

By Antoinette Sendolo

Students at the Larkayta Public School in Margibi County are yet to benefit from the government of Liberia’s schools’ furniture distribution process as announced sometime back by the Ministry of Education.

Visiting the school recently, students were seen sitting on the floor taking notes due to the lack of arm chairs and other sitting facilities.

The Larkayta Public School which is approximately twenty-five minutes away from Kakata is said to be faced with several challenges with the lack of sitting capacity being highlighted as a major problem according to the principal, Mr. Moses Kermue.

Speaking to a team of reporters, Mr. Kermue said the school lacks sitting capacity and other essential school materials that are needed to run the institution.

“As you can see students have to sit on the bare floor and sometimes had to bring their own chairs from home in order to take notes because we do not have chairs and tables,” Mr. Kermue intimated.

Mr. Kermue said the lack of sitting capacity and other necessary school materials pose a serious challenge to students and even teachers at the Larkayta Public School noting that the government is yet to provide those essential materials needed to keep the school functional.

“We have not even received the necessary anti-Ebola materials that the government talked about sometime before the reopening of schools. If not for the help of Winrock International and other NGOs, we wouldn’t have had these Anti-Ebola materials you see here,” the Principal explained.

Meanwhile, the Principal of the Larkayta Public School in Margibi County is calling on the government of Liberia to expeditiously respond to the need of the children in that part of the country.

He said the Larkayta Public School has about five hundred students from both elementary and junior high divisions.

According to Mr. Moses Kermue, the school has twelve teachers teaching from elementary to junior high and six of them are on the government of Liberia’s pay-role while the others are volunteers.

Due to the lack of enough classrooms, both students of grade eight and nine are combined in a single room and also being taught by a single teacher.