Hydro Project To Resume Soon

Finance and Development Panning Minister Amara Konneh said companies that are responsible for the erection of the Mount Coffee Hydro Plant are gradually returning to Liberia in a bid to begin work on that project.

Minister Konneh said although most of these companies left the country due to the Ebola outbreak, they are now returning to the country gradually.

He said while these companies are coming back to resume work on the Hydro, the two turbines for the Mount Coffee Hydro Plant are being manufacture in a European county which he could not name.

Speaking on a early morning Talk Show held on the State Radio ELBC, Minister Konneh said while the Caldwell Bridge which connects Mount Coffee to Monrovia is gradually going to its finishing stage the LiberiaElectricity Corporation(LEC) and the Ministry of Public Works(MPW) working on the running of a high power line which will connects the Hydro Plant to the LEC main operational site on the Bushrod Island.

On the issue of squatters occupying the adjacent property of the Mount Coffee Hydro Plant, Minister Konneh said a camp has been set up in the area and acknowledge that dealing with people occupying the site is a problem which government will deal with.