Cellcom Breaks All Barriers With New Mega Campaign

Cellcom’s Chief Corporate Communications Strategist Dr. Kimmie Weeks has announced that Cellcom has launched a new mega discount campaign that will bring major financial relief to mobile users in Liberia. The new program offers half price rates to calls outside the Cellcom’s network making calling between GSM networks more affordable and less expensive.

To join the program subscribers only need to dial *112# FREE OF CHARGE. Once activated, subscribers will enjoy half price rates to call other networks for 5 full days. At the end of the 5 days and to carry on benefiting from the half price rates to other networks, they will just have to dial again *112# free of charge.

Addressing a major press conference in Monrovia over the weekend, Dr. Weeks stressed out that Cellcom has built its reputation on being able to listen to the concern and needs of the Liberian people and as a result the company is constantly working on programs to address the concerns of consumers. The new campaign offering half price rates to call other networks is intended to encourage Liberians to stop switching phones when they have to make a call to other mobile operators. By cutting in half the price of calling other networks, Cellcom is breaking the barriers stopping consumers from using one single phone to make all their calls.

Dr. Weeks noted further that Cellcom will be historically remembered for being the GSM Company that ensured that it was a possibility that every Liberian could access a phone. Today with the half price to call other networks campaign, Cellcom is setting a new milestone – that is to FREE ALL LIBERIANS from carrying more than one phone with them. By reducing by half the price of calling other networks, there is no longer any needs for mobile users to carry around a phone for each GSM company.

On a joking note, Mr. Avishai Marziano, Cellcom’s CEO added that the time of “heavy lady bags and man’s trousers pockets too full” are over as Cellcom is giving the opportunity to all Liberian mobile users to just keep one single phone with them.

Mr. Marziano reminded that Cellcom had launched the first phase of its telecommunications relief program through the execution of the widely popular and successful “3 days unlimited free calls and text for $1” campaign.

He recalled: “when we launched the 3 days free calls program, everybody said it would not last and it was simply a short term promotion that would fail. Despite all of the challenges and complications, we held steadfast to that program which hundreds of thousand Liberian mobile users enjoy today every day.” He went on to say: “the new program to cut by half the price of calls to any other network is phase two of the project to provide affordable calls not only within our own network, but to give the cross network access at affordable rates that never existed before.

This will of course benefit to all Liberians but also in particular to business people when they have to call existing and prospective customers on other networks. This will definitely help them to develop their business activities and lower their costs of doing business. ”

To answer a question from a member of the press, Dr Weeks emphasized that the 50% off program was completely and absolutely free. He said “All subscribers need to do to enroll in the 50% discount program is to dial *112# to enroll for five days.” The new program has already become widely popular in a few days of its launch with thousands of subscribers already enjoying the benefits.

In conclusion, Weeks stated that Cellcom will continue to work hard in the future for the benefits of all Liberians. As the market leader by mobile subscriber numbers, Cellcom will keep at the forefront with innovative campaigns and promotions which not only save money to Liberians but also re-joy the hearts and give pride to millions of subscribers that have already joined “the GSM company of the people.”