NOCAL Detests Matrix Solutions’ Media Campaign

The attention of the management of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) has been drawn to the unfortunate and deliberate media campaigns being orchestrated in favor of the Matrix Solutions Inc. (“Matrix Solutions”) by some media practitioners.

This campaign is intended to generate public sentiments in Matrix’s favor on a matter which said Matrix Solutions has already submitted to its lawyers for judicial determination.

It is indeed very unfortunate that Matrix Solutions would elected to abandon that legitimate course of action and instead embark on calculated attempts to gain public sympathy by misrepresenting the facts and circumstances surrounding its alleged contract with NOCAL.

In this regard, NOCAL frowns on any diabolical efforts by Matrix Solutions and its paid agents to malign the reputation of some of its executives, especially its Vice President for Administration and Human Resources, Mrs. Vida A. Mensah, who is wrongfully being accused of obstructing the settlement of Matrix Solutions purported arrears payment.

NOCAL further wishes to clarify that decisions emanating from its management represent the policies of the company and not a single official as the public is being made to believe by Matrix Solutions and its agents.

NOCAL, out of respect for Matrix Solutions counsel, has resisted the temptation to comment on the details of this matter since it was taken to the Kemp and Associates Law Firm, but is now constrained to provide some clarification given the mischievous media campaign being carried out by Matrix Solutions.

NOCAL will withhold further comments on this matter pending the outcome of any judicial action taken by Matrix Solutions in this regard.