Methodist Church, Partners, Praise Sen. Kaipay

The United Methodist Church through its Resident Bishop, Rev. Dr. John G. Innis, has rained praises on the outgoing Director of Community Services Department of the Church, Bro. Jonathan L. Kaipay for his valuable services rendered the Church while servicing in that position.

At the official turning over ceremony yesterday, Bshop Rev. Dr. Innis praised Bro. Kaipay for serving the Church with transparency and credibility. Bishop Innis said Kaipay who occupied the position of Director of Community Services of the United Methodist Church was very honest and transparent and that there was no complaint about him by the Church’s partners of any stealing or embezzlement.

“If God gives you responsibilities do it with honesty, “the Methodist Bishop said. Speaking directly to Sen. Kaipay, Bishop Innis said, “You have good heart, you have a working and transparent heart; some come to the Church to exploit but you came with a good heart; God will bless you and greatest things await you.”

He reminded the congregation that if God blesses an individual he must utilize such blessing adding, “Since you were appointed to that position we have not received any letter from our partners who are supporting these projects that you ever embezzled.”

Also speaking, Mr. Rune A. Oygard, Country Director of the Norwegian Mission Alliance lauded Sen. Kaipay for services rendered to the Methodist Church in the area of community services and called on the new head of the department to emulate the good examples of the outgoing Director.

Mr. Kaipay is leaving the position of Community Services at the United Methodist Church having served in that position for eight years. He was elected as Senator of Grand Bassa County.

In remarks, Sen. Kaipay highlighted some of the achievements of his administration as Director of Community Services. He named some of the achievements as ensuring that the staffs of the department were fully covered with social security protection, making remittances to NASSCORP covering as far back as 2008 for those who were employed. He said the office has five vehicles for all programs, three of which are functional and in service.

“All of our offices are fully furnished with all necessary office equipment including ten desks, 36 chairs, seven computers, two cabinets, two conference tables, one office chair and seven standing fans, among others,” he said.

On the implementation of projects, Kaipay noted, “We have implemented 120 projects under the CODEVPRO program including 13 schools, five clinics, two of which are opened and functional, one health center, and four bridges.

He named other projects implemented as four guest/community halls, one resource center, three agricultural farms, five sets of professional trainings, 82 water pumps, and 34 latrines. According to the outgoing Director of Community Service of the UMC, under the CIEP, there are currently eight sets of projects in three counties four of which include completed schools and teacher’ housings, playground for children, rubber farms at the nursery level, restructured and empowered PTAs, have been completed and functional.

Under the Child Sponsorship Program, according to Kaipay, over three hundred kids are now placed in the automated CREG program for selection by the Norwegian families.

Also reporting on the fight against the deadly Ebola virus, Sen. Kaipay disclosed that with support from their partners in Norway, they successfully implemented a comprehensive anti-Ebola awareness and intervention program for many communities around the country.

He said the program benefited about 80,000 persons in 554 towns and villages in eight counties. “We distributed more than 1400 Ebola buckets, 75 cartoons of chlorax, and 35 cartons of tile soap,” he added.

Kaipay also disclosed that the program recruited 100 volunteers from around the country with about 23 supervisors, while 2650 pieces of flyers were distributed to all beneficiaries’ communities including 47 urban cities across Liberia, among others.

At the same time, Madam Emma B. Okai who promised to emulate the good examples of Mr. Kaipay was commissioned by Bishop Innis as the new Director of the United Methodist Church’s Community Services Department. Morrison O.G. Sayon writes.