Heeding To LCC’s Warning

AS THE DEBATE on Christianizing Liberia continues amongst Liberians, the Liberian Council of Churches has called on all Christians and Church Leaders to stop the media attack on each other. LCC said it has already started a national consultation with Church Leaders by setting up a 12-man team to study the implications taken by Liberians in Gbarnga to make Liberia a Christian State.

THE STATEMENT FURTHER stated that the Council of Churches will immediately inform the general membership of the Church and all its ecumenical partners of its decision on the matter. The statement concluded by calling on all Liberians to give their full participations to this year’s National Fast and Prayer Day service which will be held today.

NOW THAT THE LCC has spoken on the issue of making Liberia a Christian nation, let us relax the attack on one another and move forward with other issues of national concern. Let us look up to our religious people and those at the national Legislature for the final decision in this matter.

WHILE WE MAY not agree with one another on this very sensitive matter; let us not also forget that the final decision is in the court of the Legislature and especially those who will vote in the National Referendum if this particular proposition is accepted.

WHAT REALLY MATTERS now is a healthy debate on the issue so as to convince one another to accept why Liberia should be a Christian nation or not. But the issue of attacking other individuals on their views is very wrong and must not be condoned because doing so will only create bad feelings without solving the problem.

THE PEOPLE Who attended the Constitutional Review Committee Conference in Gbarnga have taken their decision and what we need to do now is to politely and responsibly debate the issue and avoid any act of violence, media attack or irresponsible behavior in addressing this crucial issue.

AGAIN, AS THE LCC has said, let us stop attacking one another or making threatening statements that have the propensity to derail our hard-earned peace which we fought for many years. In all fairness, we welcome any healthy debate on the matter but any act of violence or verbal attack or threats will be counterproductive to our democratic process.

STOP THE MEDIA attack and get involved with the debate to push your point through. With this, we can all amicably resolve our differences.