GOL, EU To Embark On Buchanan, Monrovia Road Maintenance…As Several Companies Turn Out For Site-Seeing

By Edwin G. Wandah

The Liberian Government in partnership with the European Union has disclosed that it will embark on the maintenance of an 80.8 Kilometer road from Harbel Junction, via Cotton Tree to the Port City of Buchanan which will include basically, minor maintenance and supervision.

Yesterday, when a host of delegation from the European Union, the National Authorizing Office-NAO, the Ministry of Public Works and personnel from the Construction Companies which are part of the bid for the project, several bystanders believed the initiative was good for the country.

Meanwhile, when the delegation met at the Harbel, Buchanan Junction amidst a mammoth crowd of citizens from the Harbel area, the head of the delegation, including NAO Deputy National Authorizing Officer, Jerry T. Taylor, Ministry of Public Works Chief of Highway Maintenance, Kalifa D. Fofana, EU Program Manager for Infrastructure, Giorgio KIRCHMAYR and a host of representatives from the Companies which applied for the bid explained the importance of the process.

Taking the lead, the NAO Boss, Jerry T. Taylor, lauded the EU for its supports to the Liberian Government, basically through area development initiatives. He further stated that EU has been the brain behind several of the developments towards Liberia’s recovery process.

The NAO Boss who recently took over from current Assistant Minister, Alvin Attah, has been noted for his initiative and closed connection with several international donors, including the European Union, and has attracted especially the area of urgent development needs and explained the importance of maintaining the road.

He further noted that the maintenance process will also provide jobs for hundreds of Liberian citizens along the route from Harbel-Cotton Tree, via the Buchanan Sea Port where the road ends.

For his part, Public Works Chief of Highway Maintenance, Kalifa D. Fofana, explaining the technical details of the project told the construction companies present that the Ministry of Public Works was concerned about the maintenance of the road.

He told the delegation that the Ministry of Public Works requested all of the would-be contractors to refer their queries to the Ministry of Public Works should in case there arises any problem that could hinder their operation.

He further stated that the Ministry’s door was open to them at anytime to address these concerns to avoid future embarrassment. According to Kalifa, high shoulders of bushes, drainages, bridges that need minor and major repairs will be considered by the Ministry of Public Works and will be addressed mutually.

Meanwhile, the EU Program Manager for Infrastructure, Giorgio KIRCHMAYR, has assured the Ministry of Public Works and the National Authorizing Office-NAO of EU’s support to the Liberian Government. According to him, EU feels extremely satisfied to working with the Liberian Government in the area of development due to the trust it has had with the Liberian Government over the years.

Those companies in attendance were Kasthom Company, Tumarsi Inc. ; Urban Enterprise Group of Companies, ACMC, BMC Group, LIDA, STL Inc., CICO, Westwood Corporation, SSF and EFFICIENT Logistics.