Ebola Survivor Wants Gov’t Support

By Victor C. Hanosn, Jr.

An Ebola survivor and one of the health workers who vigorously fought the Ebola virus has called on government to support those who survived from the virus.   Foday Gallah who operated one of Representative Saah Joseph’s ambulances during the heat of the Ebola crisis in the country said supporting Ebola survivors will enable them reintegrate in the society.

Addressing the regular press briefing of the Ministry of Information, Cultural & Tourism yesterday, Mr. Gallah disclosed that on many occasions there were only two ambulances which could not serve the entire country. He said as a result of that there was slow response in picking up patients and dead bodies. He added that during that period the country never had those ambulances that it has now.

Mr. Gallah said, “I saw things that could make me give up; I watched pregnant women, children dying in my hands, till I came to this family of eight after seven of them were dead. I told their neighbors to take the four year-old boy and call me anytime he shows signs of the virus and when I got there, I met the child in a pool of vomit, so my only option was for the child to survive and I held him on my shoulder not knowing that part of my PPEs was open.”

He stated that two days after taking the little boy to the hospital, he came down with the virus and took himself to the hospital in the ambulance that he was driving.

“The kind of pain that I still feel is that while I was at the ETU undergoing treatment, some family members took the little boy away up till now I do not know his whereabouts,” Mr. Gallah narrated.

He is urging all Liberians not to be complacent, and also calling on them to stop stigmatizing Ebola survivors because they (survivors) are not the virus. Gallah then called on the government to support those who were fortunate to survive from the Ebola demonic virus.

Mr. Gallah said if government does not see reason in supporting Ebola survivors, some might become armed robbers and prostitutes due to frustration.