Doe Calls For Standard Education In Grand Kru County

A citizen of Grand Kru County, Hanson T. Doe is calling on all university students of the county around and across the country to join together in the manner of requesting their impact in developing the rural society.

Mr. Doe said that from the eight sitting development council meeting in Barclayville attended by county officials, students leaders, citizens representative from the twelve sectors, report has proven that Atlantic Resource and Golden Verolum companies do not have any of their office in the county were 65% of their operations and activities are residing.

He stated that officials who are in closed contacts with both companies did express their frustration, saying “We are not aware of the situation”.

Mr. Doe added that, he regret the act of allocating US$ 13,000.00 for special staff who had been employed in the lawmakers’ offices to monitor the few projects in some communities, while US$10’000.00was allocated as financial aids to the ten universities and the resolution said “Student who are benefiting from the financial aids, upon graduation shall return to their country to work for 3 years before proceeding elsewhere for other jobs”.

He regrets that their leaders do not mean well for the county and its citizens; even the report submitted by the CEO of the county concerning the educational system is frustrating and out of the twelve communities in the county, only eight of communities have school system while the rest of the four are zero.

Mr. Doe concluded that the rural community requires more educational programs that significantly rise and stabilize rural income in addition to the need for dignity, self-respect, belongingness, social recognition, and social participation to ensure continual improvement in the quality of rural life.