“My Daughter Been Missing For 25 Yrs.”…Woman, 50, Gives Account Of Her Child’s Ordeal; Pleads With Gov’t, Switzerland Embassy

A lady, Hawa Somah who walked into the offices of The INQUIRER yesterday narrated that her daughter, Selena Massaquoi, alias Sweetie had been missing for the past 25 years.       She narrated further that her daughter was taken from Liberia to Switzerland in 1990 during the heat of the civil crisis by a lady identified as Janet Siaway.

Madam Somah, 50, narrating the situation in tears said when the crisis broke out Janet Siaway told her (Hawa) that she loved the child and wanted her to stay with her. “When Janet told me that she loved my daughter, she asked me to allow the child to stay with her since I was going to Buchanan,” Hawa sorrowfully narrated.

She furthered, “I was in Buchanan when the rebels attacked and could not find my way back to Monrovia so I decided to go to Guinea for refuge. Upon my return, I could not see Janet or my child but I was informed by one of her friends, Marie Rose Gerhart that she has taken the girl to Zurich, Switzerland.”

She said since the departure of the lady and her daughter nothing had been heard about the child and the woman. “I understand that she even changed my daughter’s name to Marie Jay, “ Madam Somah said.

Hawa said she also got information that Janet who carried her daughter was involved in drug business and was arrested by authorities of Switzerland and that she was also taken to a rehabilitation camp since she had developed mental problem and that the Government of Switzerland took the child away.

She identified Janet’s children as Sebastian and Feebie who are also based in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Madam Somah is appealing to the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to intervene in the situation and get further information on the missing child and woman.

Hawa is also appealing to the Embassy of Switzerland to help her in locating her child. Selena was five years when she was taken from Liberia to Switzerland. She was born in 1985 and carried away in 1990. Morrison O.G. Sayon writes.